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Spreading the kingdom

In Mark 9:38-48, The apostles were anything but pleased when they witnessed an outsider casting out demons in the name of Jesus. They resented his intrusion, were jealous and felt threatened, because he was doing their work and was not part of.......continue reading

God’s Love Manifested in Christ

In Mar 8:27-35, Jesus warned that unless we take up our cross and follow him, we are unworthy of his company. This is a reminder of something we would rather forget because nobody wants to suffer. We find off-putting and prefer to avoid the ha.......continue reading

Faith and Trust

The blind Bartimaeus is an example of what our faith and trust in Jesus ought to be (Mark 10:46-52). He has firm confidence in the person of Jesus and is not put off by the abuse of the crowd, who regard him as nobody, telling him to keep quie.......continue reading

Condition for discipleship

The declaration of Jesus that he was the living bread which come down from heaven and the source of eternal life, proved too much for some of his followers (John 6:60-69). They could not believe in such a claim and started drifting away This w.......continue reading

True Discipleship

The disciples never cease to amaze us. At the very moment when Jesus is telling them about his coming passion and death, they are not even listening. They are so immersed in an argument, squabbling who is the greatest among them, that what he .......continue reading

Service to the kingdom

Society, at any age, can never get away from the problems posed by status and rank. It was no different in the time of Jesus. The old controversy about who was the greatest surfaces once again amongst the apostles in Mark 10:35-45. This time J.......continue reading

Marriage. How it ought to be.

When Jesus was being asked by the Pharisees; where he stood concerning marriage and divorce, he left them in no doubt about his position, emphasizing that marriage is a state created by God himself, a long life union between a man and a woman .......continue reading

Cost of discipleship

In an age when many of us find it difficult to make ends meet, contemporary society bombards us with a set of value based on the need for material security. It judges our success by the size of our bank accounts, the extents of our possessions..............continue reading